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Choosing An Agent

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

This is one of the most critical decisions you will make when selling your property. The right company may make many thousands of dollars more for you at sale time.

Here are some of the common reasons people give for choosing a real estate company. Some are good reasons; others are potentially very costly to you.

Friend in the Business

Dealing with a friend is one of the most difficult things a real estate salesperson faces. It is hard to tell a friend that you think they are doing something wrong. Conversely, your friend will naturally only want to give you good news and not really face up to the difficult questions. When dealing in hundreds of thousands of dollars you need this relationship to be business-like and professional. You need all the facts good and bad. Many friendships have been ruined by mixing business and social relationships.

Cheap Commission

The time proven adage that “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than in real estate. It is a fact that the true value of any product is rarely achieved without adequate exposure (marketing). The more areas that your property is marketed in, the greater the chances of you attracting that buyer that will pay the best price for your property. A few thousand dollars saved in commission, may very well come at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars in the sale price. Any company offering you low commission cannot possibly compete when it comes to giving your property exposure to the maximum number of potential buyers. Remember too, that you only pay commission when your property sells at a price that you are willing to accept – you are always in control of the net figure that you receive.

Company Places a Higher Price on your Property

Valuing any property is a matter of opinion and will come with variances just as different buyers will arrive at different values for the same home. Sometimes over enthusiastic salespeople may be too optimistic in their expectations. It may be that they are desperate for business and give you a top end price to make sure they get the job. Is this the right company to achieve the best result for you? Watch the real estate advertisements and you will see many properties, having been for sale for several months, now reduced in price, desperate to attract new buyers as others have been put off by an unrealistic asking price.

High Profile

Fantastic – one of the best reasons to choose a company. If you think this company has a high profile, then so will buyers. This company is sure to attract the attention of all possible buyers – increasing the odds of you selling at a higher price.

Proven Success

There are very good reasons why any company continues to achieve top results. They are good at what they do and people will keep coming back to this company. The benefits to you in working with a proven company that gets results may be enormous and not only make you more money, but much of the stress of selling a home will be taken away.

Internet Presence

Becoming more and more important in the selling process, your real estate company should be promoting your property on every major real estate website available. Their own website should be modern, user friendly and give buyers and sellers as much information about the selling process as possible.

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